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The benefits of yoga

Yoga: The actions of keeping the inner and outer parts healthy. Unless the internal and external parts of our body are healthy, then we can not do any work well. There is a deep connection between body and mind. One can not be cared for by neglecting one.

This is the reason that thousands of years ago, People of Greece had ‘ a healthy mind in a healthy body’ (A sound mind in a sound body) all his teaching methods were based on this principle.

Importance of Yoga and Its Importance

The excrement and disorders that arise in the body by performing various daily physical functions and food, they come out of the body through seven ways: (1) By right-left nostrils, (2) Dai-bai eyes, ( 3) By right-left ears, (4) by mouth, (5) by anus, (6) by genitalia and (7) by skin.


Most of these diseases occur only after the excretory disorder of the body through these seven mediums is not coming out of the body regularly. By This solar system, excretion etc. keeps the body out of the body smoothly. As a result, the body remains completely healthy. In some years awareness about yoga and its confirmation of scientifically has made Yogasan popular in the whole world.

The art of living foundation


Patanjali is a major contributor to Ayurveda. Today, we are roaming around the stupid body because of not eating the right food and doing the right labor. It takes a lot of time to sit on the ground for a few moments and make it very difficult. This is the night’s sleep too. After a whole day of stress and fatigue, They are lying on the bed, But sleep comes through difficult if there is no proper diet and proper exercise, Then all overnight changes will have to be changed.

Yoga Benefits / Yoga Benefits Benefits-of-yoga

In other exercising methods, the internal organs of the body do not get adequate exercise, while it practice gives the body’s internal organs sufficient exercise. Thereby, One can live happily with this for a long time. This posture requires very little space and fewer tools.

It can be done by a person alone. The effect of yoga on the mind and the senses is more than other methods of exercise. For this reason, the internal power of the person to control the mind and senses are developed.

It does not cost much energy of the body, so there is no need to take more food, so there is no special expense. Yoga posture makes the body flexible. It gives energy to the body, the power to do work increases and the puberty persists for a long time. The blood of different capillaries of the body can be purified by different Yogasons.


The benefits of Yogasan

  • Are also very much for reducing obesity (which is a fatal disease) because yogurt reduces fat. Yoga asana and pranayama increase the power of shrinking and spreading of the lungs. By which blood is purified in excess quantity. The vitality and health of the body depend on the flexibility of the spinal cord.
  • The spinal cord can be flexible by posture. When doing yoga posture, there is a very little strength. Therefore fatigue feels less. That is why Yoga posture is also called ‘nonviolent action’.
  • Therefore, the benefits of Yogasana are very low and hard work. The benefits of Yoga is not just for the body but for the mind and the mood, the person feels peace with the yoga posture.
  • For this reason, mental strength increases and intellect develops. it can be used to awaken various glands of the body, thereby producing the required amount of metabolism. This juice, combined with blood, makes the body develop balanced.

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Yoga increases

  • The body’s resistance to disease because it increases the blood sugar in the blood. Making a special contribution increases the heartbeat so that the flow of blood increases rapidly, which can play a role in removing the barrier of frozen fat, which reduces the risk of serious illness like a heart attack.
  • However, if there is any disease related to the heart, then by doing the advice of your doctor, do this. For more information, read this our post is important when you are doing yoga, these 25 precautions Constipation, gas, diabetes, blood pressure (heart attack), hernia, headache etc.
  • Can be eradicated from yoga asana and pranayama. Physical and mental development as well as intellectual and self through this posture.

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